Introducing Homeopathy

“A proving of Homeopathy’s place as a standard in medicine.”

Deeply threatened by its existence, the medical establishment has spent over two hundred years and countless resources keeping Homeopathy - and its practitioners - quiet.

Their labor can be revealed with as little effort as a Wikipedia search - which refers to Homeopathy as a pseudoscience… in the first sentence.

Comparing the $22 billion global Homeopathic market, to the over $1 trillion spent annually on prescription drugs — reveals the David and Goliath in Homeopathy’s story…

In the same way that What The Health examined the overwhelming prevalence of foodborne illnesses, whose causes were hidden in plain sight by industries hellbent on self-preservation….Introducing Homeopathy will use the latest science to verify and prove every aspect of the greater Homeopathic system.

A team of Emmy winning producers and accredited journalists will tell the story, through interviews with some of the leading minds in the Homeopathic and greater scientific fields… case studies of homeopathic success stories backed-up by scientific method… and explorations of the latest research, technology and state-of-the-art production of Homeopathic medicines.

For better or for worse, our movie team has also produced hundreds of hours of reality tv… so the results will be… entertaining.

The objective is to alter the medical landscape so that Homeopathy assumes its role as a premiere form of healthcare. We envision this professionally produced film being shown on such platforms as Netflix, Amazon, Disney + and Apple TV.

Please join us in helping to make this happen

Serious science, that appeals to a mass audience. A silver bullet for our antagonists ...
And a perfect way …. to be

Introducing Homeopathy.

Examples of the work you can expect may be accessed by clicking the links below.